February 2023

Dear Parent (s) and Guardian (s),
February is Black History Month and the month of love. It seems ironic that the
same month that celebrates relationships through Valentines’ Day, is the same

month that also celebrates diversity and a Journey to Equality through black his-
tory. However, as you research the origins of both Black History and Valentine’s

Day, you will find that the two events have many commonalities. Valentine’s Day
began as a celebration honoring the martyr Saint Valentine, who ministered to
persecuted people in the Roman Empire in the third century. Likewise, Carter

Godwin Woodson, the founder of Black History Week in 1912, wanted to cele-
brate the accomplishments of African Americans who gave their lives and played

a significant role in the development of America. The month of February re-
minds us that these two events honor people who came before us, sacrificed for

us, fought injustices, and had the belief their efforts would make the world a
better place. As we celebrate the message of love through Valentine’s Day, let
us embrace the beauty of diversity during Black History Month sharing kindness
and love towards one another.

Nelson Mandela stated, “It is in your
hands, to make a better world for all
who live in it.”

Ms. Catherine Britts-Axen