January 2023

Dear Parents,
One of the most important aspects of school is engagement. It is difficult for students to engage in activities, discussions, and the interaction that promotes learning when they are not in school. Research has shown a strong correlation between student achievement and student attendance. When students are absent from school, they miss out on instructional opportunities necessary to grow academically and peer interactions needed to grow socially. Students with regular attendance tend to have greater opportunities for higher education, better academic performance and have a higher earning potential. There are
several strategies parents can employ if you are concerned about your child’s attendance. First, set attendance goals for your child and talk with them to understand the reason for absenteeism. Set clear expectations insisting that school attendance is a priority. And finally, contact the school for resources or support for your child If needed. The State of Illinois requires certain codes for students’ absences. Please give the reason for the absence when you in-form the school. If it is a health related issue, we will inform the nurse and she will contact you. Our goal is to provided the best educational opportunity for your student, but we need your child in school to receive that instruction.